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A.T.K GIRL XuanWu - 1/12 Scale - Mecha Girls

A.T.K GIRL XuanWu - 1/12 Scale - Mecha Girls

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Product Description:

A.T.K GIRL -- XuanWu, a mesmerizing fusion of ancient mythology and futuristic prowess. Inspired by the legendary XuanWu, one of the Four Chinese Mythical Beasts, this Mecha Girl embodies strength, elegance, and an aura of mystique that will captivate any collector.

With its captivating design and intricate details, the A.T.K GIRL XuanWu arrives as a model kit, offering a truly immersive and engaging assembly experience. Prepare to embark on a journey that combines tradition and innovation as you unleash your creativity and breathe life into this extraordinary Mecha Girl, piece by piece.

Product Features:

Item No.: EM2020002
Material : ABS/PVC

Package includes:

Body*1/Body+ mecha*1
•Pad printing face*3
•Blank face*3
•Wet sticker*1

•Sword: tusk blade (two forms)
•Cannon: God's judgment
•Shield: The wall of the North (variety of playing methods, which can be combined with "God's judgment", etc.)

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