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A.T.K GIRL Frankenstein - 1/12 Scale - Mecha Girls

A.T.K GIRL Frankenstein - 1/12 Scale - Mecha Girls

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Product Description:

A.T.K GIRL -- Frankenstein, a mesmerizing fusion of strength, elegance, and the power of creation. Drawing inspiration from the timeless tale of Frankenstein, this Mecha Girl is a captivating addition to your collection.

With its striking design and meticulous craftsmanship, Frankenstein arrives in the form of a model kit, providing an immersive and rewarding assembly experience. Unleash your imagination as you meticulously assemble each piece, breathing life into this remarkable Mecha Girl.

Product Features:

Item No.: EM2022004OE
Material : ABS/PVC

Height: 15.5cm

Package includes:

    •Naked Body*1/Armored body*1/Backpack*1
    •Left mechanical arm*2/Right mechanical arm*1
    •Energy source supporting Mode*1/Energy source weapon Mode*1
    •Dagger*1/Naked Arm replacement sword bayonet*1/Chainsaw Scalpel*1/Injection Gun*1
    •Naked Hand replacement*5 pairs/Armored Hand replacement*3 pairs
    •Pad printing face*3/Blank face*4/Base*1/Wet sticker*1
    •Energy transfer tube*1(Length 30cm Free cutting)

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